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Sweep Search

Do you suspect that YOUR PRIVACY is being compromised? Do you have a feeling that you’re being watched or listened to? Does you get the impression that some one knows where you are 24/7, do you suspect that your cellphone or your computer is being hacked? Do you feel the need to protect your identity, business, and people close to you? Call STT Security today! Our company specializes in Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures (TSCM) or Sweep search. STT professionals will restore your privacy and peace of mind rapidly and effectively. STT Security has more than 10 years’ in sweep search experience. Our sweeps will search and locate any hidden transmitters, telephone taps, video cameras, microphones, and other recording devices. We are licensed experts in the TSCM industry, and our staff trains and licenses other TSCM operators all across the globe. OUR counter surveillance services begins with a technical threat assessment to identify your vulnerabilities; these vulnerabilities are addressed during your assessment. Likewise, our counter surveillance services include both traditional TSCM and Cyber TSCM. STT Security services are an all-inclusive TSCM solution! STT Security professionals use the most current eavesdropping detection equipment, we employ highly trained experts perform STT Security Surveillance Services. As a result, our experts detect not only common devices in your home, office or car but complex bugging devices as well and other technical surveillance threats. Sweeps are divided into three parts, Part I includes an Electronic Security Survey (ESS), is designed to be a systematic search of the entire radio frequency spectrum. We identify all receivable transmissions and discern the presence of any unauthorized or covert transmissions to include frequency hopping, subcarriers and spread spectrum. Each hallway/room/office, including vents, ducts and equipment, even furniture will be swept. Part II is the Countermeasure Testing of Telephones and Telephone Lines (CTTTL). All phones and phone lines will be electronically tested using the CCTA-1000 or a Time Domain Reflectometer. Telephone canalization is conducted from the basement or frame room of a facility up to every phone, fax and computer instrument. All telephones on the premises will be tested electronically, dismantled and inspected for foreign devices and nonstandard wiring, including a search for any hook switch compromise, which allows the room to be “monitored” when the phone is not being used. Part III is a physical search that covers the entire designated area. This includes checking for unusual wiring as well as all standard wiring in the designated area. The results are accurate and effective. STT specialists will compose a full and final report that will include an evaluation of existing situation and security measures and procedures that have been done. STT Security experts respond rapidly, professionally and discreetly. We will not only eliminate your security issue, we will do it with discretion and confidentially. We serve clients all over GTA. Call today, we guarantee a rapid and professional response! For more you can visit our SPY SHOP and find every day solutions for situations that may appear.

Access Control

As the first line of defense against property theft and damage, access control is the foundation for good security. The concept of access control is about letting authorized personnel in and keeping unauthorized personal out! There are as many access control systems and technologies: from straightforward deadbolts for residential properties to card readers for corporate offices to sophisticated biometric systems for high security areas. The “key” to finding the right solution is to balance the organization’s security requirements with the need for ease of use. At STT Security we pride ourselves on offering a full line of access control systems and components. Whether you’re looking for commercial or residential access controls, card or biometric systems, turnstiles or exit bars, you’ll find it here. Require expert consultation and need assistance identifying the best solution, we can help you with that too. We understand the unique access control needs of various industries and environments. We’ll help you choose not only the best type of control and manufacture for you, based on your needs and budget.


Where we started

Today, a huge variety of CCTV cameras and video surveillance systems from entry level for self-installation to “all-in-one” and very advanced professional digital high definition systems are available. Our experience dictates that only the high-quality equipment will give you the results that you expect. For more than 11 years STT Security has installed and maintained surveillance systems in Canada and the US. Our systems have a solid track record of years of reliable service. We only recommend professional grade sets of CCTV cameras and network video recorders that allow to record video signal 24/7 all year round in any weather condition. With the new 3D technology active noise reduction and high-speed image processor stability and reliability are a certainty. Our security cameras are equipped with anti-fog filter, improving visibility. We also have three image modes including two night vision modes. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Professional surveillance sets are better than DIY (Do it yourself) sets from retail stores:

Today, a huge variety of CCTV cameras and video surveillance systems, from entry level for self-installation “all-in-one” to the very advanced professional digital high definition systems are available. However, only the high-quality setting will give you the result that you expect. More than 11 years STT Security has installations and maintains surveillance in Canada and the US.Our systems have a solid track record of years of reliable service. We only professional grade sets of CCTV cameras and network video recorders that allow to record video signal 24/7 all year round in any weather condition. With the new 3D technology active noise reduction and high-speed image processor stability and reliability are a certainty. Our security cameras are equipped with anti-fog filter, improving visibility during the fog and three image modes including two night vision modes. We are always ready to offer a free estimation, just give us a call

Where we started
Where we started

Why You Should Entrust The Security Cameras Installation To Professionals Only.

For consumers price can be a factor when choosing a surveillance system however; having the installation done by somebody with not enough skills or experience may cost you even more. Installation of CCTV cameras is technically complex process. Even a basic 4-channel system in an average house means running approximately 700ft of cable from the point where equipment is located to camera’s positions. It’s imperative to avoid any damage to existing communications and house structure and equally important to keep any moisture from getting in. If even one hole is left unsealed it will allow moisture in that causes disintegration of internal structure of the house and insulation’s as well as mold build-up.

Best Service And Quality Control

As part of our quality control we ensure the system will serve the customers for many years. For best results, we (help you) select the optimum system for your needs, calculating the required number of CCTV cameras, type, lens focal length of each security camera, and protection. STT Security installs the best brand FullHD, SuperHD and UltraHD surveillance systems on all safety standards. Our experience and superior level of service allows us to implement the most complex projects, including houses, commercial facilities, office buildings, productions, retail businesses, and factories. Our clients can always have online access to their video surveillance system with the ability to view the cameras from the tablet, smartphone or PC from anywhere around the world via the Internet, and access is password protected. Also, you can watch and control your surveillance system from any TV in the house using multi-room video systems.

Where we started

Our installation process

Free Consultation:

Our team will provide a free, on site evaluation of your property. We will recommend a design with the equipment that will best meet your needs. Our security survey will include correct placement of security cameras and we will ensure that the security camera system will meet the specifications required to meet your expectations. We will provide you with a no obligation estimate that will include the cost of running all the low voltage power, video cables, recording device, installation of all the security cameras, configuration of the network and DVR including optimal motion detection settings and notification, and finally training of the entire system including remote access by computers and smart phones.

Installation scheduled: Once all specifications are agreed on, we will schedule the installation date and assign a team to perform the installation. Unlike most CCTV companies, we are usually able to schedule installation to start in a very short period of time being that everything we sell is in stock here in our warehouse in the GTA. Install your security camera system: Our team will show up as scheduled and will install your surveillance system. We will do our very best to not interrupt your business operations. The installation will normally begin with the running of the low voltage cables, then the security cameras will be mounted, positioned and configured. The next step will be the head end, where we will install the security camera power supplies and the recording device.

Networking and configuration:

Once the physical installation is complete, we will connect the DVR to your network, configure your router to allow you to access your cameras from anywhere in the world, install the smart phone applications on your IPhone, IPad, Android or Windows mobile device and test the entire system. Training: The final stage of the installation is the training phase. We will teach you and anyone you designate how to use the system, how to search and download footage, and how to access your security cameras remotely. At this time we will make any necessary improvements in camera positioning and configurations.